More than 2000 financial incentives available for your business

More than 2000 financial incentives available for your business

Subsidies &
tax credits
for your

technology project exportation project HR project |

Categories of grants
At AVINOVA, we developed a software and a niche expertise allowing your business to access more than 2000 financial incentives that will help you initiate new projects and reach your goals. Take some time to explore AVINOVA’s grants categorization and find out which program your company might be eligible for.


Are you planning or currently working on a technology project that requires investing time and money? You may be missing out on some interesting subsidies.


Are you planning to develop new international or inter-provincial markets? we will find a subsidy perfectly matching your needs.


Are you growing at a fast pace and in need of hiring, staff training or HR processes improvement? Find the right program here.
Our Process

Every day, AVINOVA strives to enhance, simplify and optimize the way projects are managed for the clients. Our process is widely appreciated for its efficiency, for the value it brings and for the help business owners can rely on.


+ Initial meeting 

+ Potential incentives available
+ Signature of the agreement



+ Kick-off meeting

+ Information gathering 

+ Preliminary study of incentives


+ Gathering of detailed informations

+ Technical and financial validation 

+ Risk analysis


+ Technical and financial aspects


+ Final claim 


+ Verifications, if applicable
+ Opportunities for improvment



Case studies
Do you own or manage a business and want to maximize your returns on all tax credits or are you looking for grants of all kinds? Our mission is to support business leaders in finding and maximizing financial assistance for their projects.

Software and computer science

We have prepared grant claims for many projects in the software development industry such as :

+ Development and implementation of software systems (ERP, CRM, etc.);

+ Innovation and R&D projects;

+ Markets development.



Our mechanical and industrial engineers have worked on maximizing financial incentives for many projects in the manufacturing industry such as :

+ Innovation and R&D projects;

+ Production chain automation;

+ Implementation of information management systems (ERP, CRM, etc.);
+ Improving the skills of specialized labor.


Video gaming

Our software engineers have prepared grants and tax credits claims for amazing projects in this industry, such as :

+ Development of interactive multimedia titles;

+ Innovation and R&D projects;

+ Markets development.

Our expertise
Our experts are responsible for identifying, preparing and claiming the subsidies and tax credits available for your business. Our team is always on the lookout for the latest tax news, allowing you to maximize your returns on all tax credits and grants, thus increasing the bottom line of your business.
secured every year
satisfied clients
Thanks to an in-house developed software, more than 2000 incentives are quickly analyzed for your business. Our experts will then determine which subsidies and tax credits your company can benefit from. Be part of our satisfied clientele and trust a team of dedicated professionals.