More than 2000 financial incentives available for your business

More than 2000 financial incentives available for your business

A few case studies on our clients’ success stories
Because the satisfaction of our clients is our top priority

Our mission here at AVINOVA is to assist our clients in collecting the maximum subsidies and tax credits for their business, so they can achieve their goals and realize their projects. Here’s a few examples of a few satisfied clients, broken down by their field of expertise.

Our latest achievements

If you are at the head of a business and want to maximize every tax credit return or are looking for any kind of subsidies: we have the solution for you. Our mission is to assist every business leader in the lookout for financial incentives that would help their company reach its full potential.


Software development

Overview of the situation before AVINOVA :

Many businesses operating in the field of information technology were only claiming the SR&ED tax credit. Although very interesting for many reasons, this tax credit is however not the most beneficial for businesses that are working towards the development of softwares that aim at improving the business processes of their clients. 

Added value after AVINOA:

Thanks to the helpful advice from the AVINOVA team, several companies are now in a position to claim over 400,000$ each with the TCEB in Québec, as well as compiling the SR&ED at the federal level. In addition, our experts have maximized their clients’ tax returns by finding various subsidies for hiring and training purposes. Furthermore, AVINOVA has been able to assist these businesses in the sale process of their ERP softwares by finding subsidies that would reduce the price of the product for their potential buyers.



Overview of the situation before AVINOVA:

A company specializing in the production of intelligent machines for agribusiness purposes was only claiming 125,000$ in SR&ED credits. The business consisted of engineers, welders and polishers and had various projects it wanted to work on. However, the company wasn’t maximizing the amount of money it could have in subsidies and tax credits available to them. 

Added value after AVINOVA:

After only one meeting with the client, our experts at AVINOVA were able to find many financial incentives available to them. They were able to double the amount the company was getting from the SR&ED ($250,000) and they succeeded in identifying their eligibility to the PAMT for any specialized positions ($100,000 - recurrently, to ensure the learning processes).

Moreover, this same client wanted to implement its own ERP software: the AVINOVA process allowed them to claim a subsidy that would cover 40% of the expenses related to the project (
50,000$) as well as another subsidy that would cover 50% of the training given to the employees following the implementation of the ERP.

In conclusion, our experts were able to allow the company to claim over $400,000
in subsidies and tax credits instead of $125 000. Trusting professionals will make you benefit from ALL financial incentives that you might be eligible for.


Video gaming

Overview of the situation before AVINOVA :

A Montreal company specializing in the conception of video games consisted of 50 programers and was only claiming the tax credit for the Production of Media Titles, which defrayed 37,5% of the expenses related to its labour force.

Added value after AVINOVA :

Thanks to the research conducted by AVINOVA, our experts were able to identify the admissibility of the company to the SR&ED tax credit, which allowed them to claim the equivalent of two financial years and thus generating more than $600,000 for the research and development of new video games. 

If AVINOVA would have been introduced to this company earlier, the latter would have been in a position to claim the SR&ED tax credit for at least 8 years, which would have been a lot more beneficial. 


Moreover, AVINOVA has identified its admissibility to the export program because of the products shipped from overseas, thus allowing them to benefit from an extra $75,000 yearly.



Overview of the situation before AVINOVA:

Up until recently, a Québec taxi company was assigning its calls to the drivers in a very outdated way. The company was trying to take a digital turn in order to automate its operations and thus remain competitive, however it did not have the budget to invest in such a big project: the total of the costs related to the digital platform was almost $300 000. 

Added value after AVINOVA:

Thanks to the AVINOVA experts team, the taxi company was able to concretize its turn towards the digitalization of its operations with the help of various financial incentives. Indeed, AVINOVA was successful in finding a subsidy from the Ministry of Transport that would cover 50% of the costs related to the development of the new project. Moreover, AVINOVA was able to claim 50% of the costs related to the training of the labour force ($10,000) so they can learn how to use the new software after its implementation.