More than 2000 financial incentives available for your business

More than 2000 financial incentives available for your business

Our most popular 

Subsidies and tax credits



Whether your business operates in the technology field or not, it could still be eligible for one or more subsidies from this category. As long as your organization is working towards a project of product development and innovation or on the implantation of an enterprise resource planning (ERP), customer relationship management (CRM) or research and development (R&D), it could benefit from some of these subsidies or tax credits. Find out more about these options by looking through our list of available financial incentives. 



Are you planning on leading a market development project on an interprovincial or national level in the near future? We are currently working in partnership with many export credit organizations to help you accomplish your goals. Take a look at the services we offer in order to find subsidies and tax credits that could help fund your next big project. 



This category applies to all businesses from all industries. If you are looking for financial assistance to improve your human resources department, your employees training or hiring process, we can help you find the best subsidies and tax credits that would help you improve these aspects of your business.


Conformity and maximization service

At AVINOVA, our goal is to make sure that you get the most out of your subsidies and tax credit returns, whether you’re a client or not. 

If you are comfortable filling out the request by yourself or if you usually relegate the task to someone else, we want to make sure that nothing is missing.

Avinova offers a Conformity and Maximization service which includes:

+ A report specifying how you could maximize the amount of subsidies and tax credits that you have claimed;
+ The identification of possible incentives that you could be eligible for. For this purpose, you would need to send us the documents and claims that have already been sent to the decision-making bodies. Then after, we will perform a verification in order to produce a specific report listing every non-claimed, but admissible spendings you might have, as well as every financial incentive you could have been eligible to receive. This report would allow you to understand how you could maximize the amount of incentives you’re eligible to receive, and consequently, benefit from an extra income. 

In addition, you could benefit from our training and support services so we can assist you in : 

+ Teaching you more about the resources available to you regarding various financial incentives and the benefits they bring on businesses; 
+ Simplifying the principle behind the subsidy and tax credit programs’ requirements; 

+ Presenting the good practices to adopt when filling a claim document.